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Since today’s consumers choose companies that value their privacy and security, data protection is no longer an optional component of a cyber program. The volume of personal data being created, transmitted, and stored — combined with the economic, social, and political concerns over data handling, means that simply adhering to existing and new privacy rules is now the bare minimum expectation. More critical to long-term success is a well-executed data privacy plan that can be used as an advantage to win and retain customers; a plan that will turn privacy into a business opportunity for your organization.

Develop and maintain a strong data privacy posture

Privacy+ enables organizations to better understand their exposure to current privacy laws, and create a privacy program that:

  • Anticipates changes in common themes
  • Increases privacy resiliency
  • Creates oversight opportunities for staff
  • Automates data functions
Why isn’t privacy compliance good enough?

Privacy-related compliance takes many forms across different markets. Countries and even several states have different laws– GDPR, HIPAA Privacy Rule, CCPA, VCDPA, Colorado Privacy Act — with new obligations regularly surfacing. While complying with one or more of these laws is crucial as a start, a privacy program that serves as a competitive differentiator must go beyond compliance. Here’s why:

  • Real strength comes from a proactive approach to aligning corporate data governance to applicable regulations rather than constantly revising your process to keep up
  • If you only design your privacy program to meet a single regulation or certification, you will spend money and time every year to re-design the program to meet new rules.
  • Most compliance programs offer only point-in-time KPIs – Privacy+’s unique dashboard shows companies how strong their data privacy program is at any time.

Why choose Coalfire as your privacy partner?

  • Proactive approach to data privacy compliance: New privacy regulations are coming at an ever-faster pace. Privacy+ helps your organization prepare for instead of react to new rules or frameworks.
  • Fills the skills gap within privacy teams: Skilled privacy professionals are in high demand. Coalfire’s privacy specialists work to build and drive your privacy program to reduce staffing-related gaps and risks.
  • Build privacy-forward products and services from the ground up: Develop new products and services with the goal of privacy protections from the start to avoid costly and ineffective retrofits against mature products.
  • Organize business strategy around privacy: To meet the expectations of increasingly sophisticated and privacy-savvy customers, companies must elevate the importance of privacy planning and development across all business operations. Basic compliance is no longer sufficient to generate customer trust.
  • Implement executive and board-level reporting: To show current maturity and allow performance measurement over time, the Privacy+ Maturity Dashboard provides easy-to-understand program quality rankings across 11 domains. This level of detail helps privacy teams understand maturity, plan for future improvements, and demonstrate ROI.

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