Coalfire Blog - Petya/NotPetya: What It Is, and What You Can Do Right Now

Just when we thought there were no more tears left in the wake of WannaCry, it’s time to pull out the tissues yet again for the latest global cyber incident: introducing “NotPetya,” the most recent ransomware variant to creep across continents and affect companies across many industries. Learn more

Coalfire Overview

See how Coalfire can help you protect your organization against security breaches and data theft.

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Press Release

5/2/2017 - Coalfire Announces Formation of Coalfire Federal, Formerly Veris Group

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Latest FedRAMP Market Report

This unique FedRAMP market report covers personnel resourcing, budgeting strategies, common pitfalls and successes that cloud service providers can follow for their FedRAMP initiative. Download


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