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Coalfire’s Accelerated Cloud Engineering services leverage our extensive security, compliance, and engineering experience along with leading cloud service providers and world-class technical vendors to quickly deploy preconfigured cloud infrastructure that meets your security and compliance requirements.

Quickly deploy workloads to the cloud

ACE is the undisputed leader, having helped more companies achieve compliance than any other solution on the market. By utilizing pre-engineered, automated modules, ACE simplifies the compliance process, enabling organizations to develop secure, audit-ready cloud environments in as little as 60 days and for up to 80% less than historical costs.



Avg ROI for ACE clients in 1st year


Major cloud and security certifications across 550+ consultants and engineers


of all new FedRAMP ATOs engage Coalfire

Benefits of Accelerated Cloud Engineering services

All ACE pre-engineered architectures are reusable and expandable to facilitate multiple compliance standards in a single build.

All ACE pre-engineered architectures are reusable and expandable to facilitate multiple compliance standards in a single build.


Coalfire has helped more cloud service providers (CSPs) attain a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) than any other accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) in the industry. In fact, we were engaged in 70% of all new FedRAMP ATOs in the past year and have partnered in over 1,200 unique FedRAMP engagements.

Through Coalfire’s proprietary ACE service, CSPs are achieving ATO faster and easier than ever before. ACE clients see an average of 429% ROI within the first year.

Watch the video to take the fast path to FedRAMP ATO.

FedRAMP, simplified.

Traditional Approach
More than $2M and 18+ months   |   Delayed time to market
ACE Approach
50%-75% cost savings   |   Up to 80% faster time to market

Technical teams remediate identified gaps resulting in less time working on product features.

Preconfigured modules and automation allow engineers to focus on the product.

Engineers struggle to interpret compliance requirements.

Compliance and security are considered from the start with custom, reusable, and extensible reference architectures that are tailored to your organization's objectives.

Organizations spend time and money to hire additional resources.

Coalfire engineering resources do the heavy lifting to bridge resource and technical gaps within your organization.

Delays occur as organizational priorities compete for resources.

Coalfire advisory teams complete all required FedRAMP documentation.

*On average

ACE Timeline

Reduce operational burden through Coalfire's cloud managed services

Coalfire's Cloud Managed Services combines 24x7 operations support with our FedRAMP expertise to provide ongoing operational support for customer environments, further reducing the stress and burden placed on internal teams.

  • Availability: Resolve IT conflicts and allow access to the systems, tools, and data needed to continuously move business forward
  • Continuous monitoring: Gain real-time threat intelligence to identify and protect against risk and vulnerabilities
  • Security: Manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information and infrastructure
  • Incident management: Ensure continuous business operations with minimal to no downtime
  • Maintenance and patching: Confidently operate, knowing your IT infrastructure is secure, compliant, and up-to-date
  • Cost management: Control cost management through predicted expense visibility



Why choose Coalfire?

  • Experience: Coalfire is the largest provider of engineering, advisory, and assessment services to the CSP market, serving over 700 unique CSPs.
  • Technical expertise: Coalfire holds 823 major industry cloud and security certifications across its 550+ consultants, engineers, and penetration testers.
  • Proven impact: ACE clients see an average of 429% ROI within first year.
  • Cloud expertise: Coalfire serves 7 of the top 10 SaaS providers, and 9 of the top 10 IaaS providers.
  • Cloud innovation: Coalfire pioneered the ACE methodology with AWS and have expanded methodology to support Azure and GCP.
  • Proven results: Seven Coalfire ACE clients currently listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace, with 20 builds-in-progress or complete.
  • Cloud innovation: ACE has received multiple industry awards, including Top Innovator in Advancing Automated Compliance and the Golden Bridge Award for Governance, Risk, and Compliance Innovations.

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