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The ongoing evolution in payments ecosystems and the surge in digital transactions are driving the need to up the ante on efforts to bolster cybersecurity and respond to emerging threats. Organizations must detect, mitigate and prevent cyber attacks and breaches so they can protect cardholder data.

Beyond PCI compliance

Maintaining payment security is required for all organizations that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards provide guidance, and technical and operational requirements, for maintaining payment security. While complying with the PCI security standards is mandatory for these entities, simply remaining compliant is no guarantee of security.

Our services go beyond compliance to help address new threats introduced by emerging technologies such as tokenization, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), 3DS, mobile payments, EMV, and cloud, which often outpace compliance mandates. As a leader in technology-led cyber risk management, Coalfire helps organizations meet compliance mandates while building a pragmatic approach to mitigating cyber risk.

We have expert teams in all areas of PCI assessments applicable to merchants, banks, processors, hardware and software developers, and point-of-sale vendors. Coalfire has the breadth of technical capability within each area and can help organizations validate every aspect of the payment ecosystem.

  • 3DS Assessor
  • Approved Scanning Vendor
  • Payment Application Assessor
  • Point-to-Point Encryption Assessor
  • Qualified PIN Assessor
  • Qualified Security Assessor
  • Software Security Framework Assessor


Beyond PCI compliance

Should a breach occur, our team of PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs) can respond rapidly to help a breached entity contain the compromise and begin remediation. Our work with these investigations enables us to offer a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities, the implications of incorrectly implementing standards, and how compromises occur. Armed with this valuable information, organizations can make more informed decisions, moving beyond simply meeting a standard and receiving validation to a more comprehensive security posture.


Get the information you need about the new PCI standards

With all the new standards, there may be roadblocks ahead. Coalfire can help you navigate the curves and keep you moving in the right direction.

Why choose Coalfire for your payment security needs?

  • As one of the original Qualified Security Assessor firms, we have completed thousands of advisory engagements and assessments for organizations in the payments industry.
  • As an inaugural member of the PCI Global Executive Assessor Roundtable, we work closely with the PCI Security Standards Council and the card brands to develop and support improvements to industry standards.
  • Our payments practice has more than 100 QSAs, all PCI specialist designations, and a team of PFIs.
  • We are the leader in emerging technology expertise and have assessed the world’s largest cloud service providers.
  • We leverage PCI controls to help coordinate audits and assessments to meet multiple compliance obligations and educate customers on the use of technology solutions for a continuous compliance program.
  • We advise organizations on how to integrate the latest payment technologies into their environment, and test and validate security infrastructure.

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