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The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) provides a certifiable information security framework (CSF) that supplements existing framework controls with industry insights and best practices to provide clarity and consistency lacking in many standards and regulations. This normalization of processes allows you and your vendors to conduct a single assessment while meeting the requirements of multiple compliance initiatives.

Effectively manage risk, meet compliance requirements and improve data protection

As one of the original HITRUST External Assessors, Coalfire is uniquely positioned to provide guidance and insights gleaned from years of interaction with HITRUST and organizations we've partnered with for successful certification. Our expertise includes:

  • Preparation for the HITRUST journey. For each step we help you select the level of risk that's acceptable for your organization based on your internal capabilities, knowledge, and budget.
  • HITRUST in the cloud. Our cloud expertise in certifying the world's largest cloud service providers, AWS Healthcare Competency Partnership, and our participation in the HITRUST Shared Responsibilities working group provides advantages in certifying your own cloud workloads.
  • HITRUST-specific experts. We offer teams that focus on only one area of risk and compliance rather than generalists in several areas. They hone their craft so you get the highest level of expertise plus a deep bench of professionals for faster certification.
  • Post-certification optimization. After successful certification, we help you understand how to optimize the framework and maximize your investment.

Why you should consider HITRUST

  • You’re a service provider that received a letter from a customer requiring HITRUST CSF certification.
  • You’re an organization looking to improve your overall risk management program and security posture.
  • You’re a service provider that wants the most prescriptive approach to protecting customer data, and therefore, be able to use security as a competitive differentiator that can increase revenue.
  • You want a framework that includes, harmonizes, and cross-references existing, globally recognized standards, regulations, and business requirements – including HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, ISO, PCI, FTC, COBIT, and GDPR – and scales controls according to the type, size, and complexity of an organization.
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Our services include:

  • HITRUST workshop
  • HITRUST CSF gap assessment
  • HITRUST CSF facilitated self-assessment
  • HITRUST CSF validation/certification
  • HITRUST CSF interim assessment
  • HITRUST CSF continuous monitoring
  • HITRUST CSF bridge assessments
  • HITRUST-SOC coordinated assessments
  • HITRUST CSF third-party risk management program
  • HITRUST CSF certification marketing support
  • Healthcare risk analysis and advisory

HITRUST Accelerator

If your organization is on the AWS cloud, the AWS Coalfire Compliance Accelerator – HITRUST solution significantly reduces the time it takes for readiness assessments, remediation, and validation. Get HITRUST validated up to 50% faster, realize revenue sooner, reduce resource strain, and gain a competitive advantage.

This new approach provides secure implementation automation for building solutions in environments supporting HITRUST CSF – a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management. Our blueprint accelerates the development of an audit-ready environment up to 12 months faster than traditional methods.

Why choose Coalfire as your HITRUST partner?

  • We are one of the original HITRUST assessor firms with more than 35 certified HITRUST CSF practitioners delivering hundreds of engagements.
  • We are one of few assessor firms appointed to the HITRUST Assessor Council five years in a row based on qualifications and experience as a CSF Assessor organization.
  • We have a streamlined methodology to assist organizations with cyber risk programs that are in sync with the HITRUST CSF certification requirements.
  • Our pre-certification services help you fully understand, and gain clarity into, the HITRUST CSF lifecycle so you can reduce time, costs, and resources and prepare your organization for success.

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