Attack surface management

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Coalfire’s managed services for ASM includes automated tools, expert guidance, and actionable intelligence to help you scale your security program to match your threat landscape.

Our approach


Comprehensive and continuous discovery that leverages automation to drive positive business outcomes.


Customer success team

Proactive communications, reporting and advocate for your desired outcome.


Discovery and reconnaissance

Perform discovery, collection, and reconnaissance of OSINT data to map your attack surface and determine asset baseline.


Actionable intelligence

Risk exposure and pen testing results deliver a complete data set that your team can remediate and act upon.

Managed services delivery model for ASM

Attack surface management diagram

Providing greater visibility and the proactive protection to remediate the risks that matter most.

Discover and monitor attack surface
Uncover the unknown. You can’t secure what can’t see.
Coalfire continuously scans the Internet to identify, map, and monitor your organization’s external attack surface. We enhance visibility of unknown assets before attackers can get to them.

Identify risk and prioritize targets
We help prioritize the most severe exposures.
Coalfire collaborates with you to determine risk exposures and to prioritize targets for further activities. Understanding where the most significant gaps lie and closing those gaps before an incident happens means prioritizing the risks that matter most. 

Adversary tactics and techniques
Adversary-based attacks performed by our experts.
Coalfire’s penetration testing teams mimic real-world attack scenarios to validate vulnerabilities and to determine exploitation capabilities. Our experts know how attackers think to prepare your security teams on how to close windows of opportunities before attackers get to them.​

Remediation support and reporting
Remediate exposures quickly with expert guidance.
A mitigation strategy should be more than guidance. Coalfire provides actionable intelligence and collaborates with you to remediate risk and support the operational efforts of your security teams.​

Why choose Coalfire ASM

Thought leaders / cutting-edge R&D
  • Coalfire has published over 25 industry-leading threat monitoring tools based on our dedicated, advanced research monitoring the ever-evolving threat landscape.
  • Our researchers frequently speak at top industry events, such as Black Hat, DEFCON, and DerbyCon. Their work has also been highlighted in numerous books and articles.
Experience and scale
  • With a dedicated penetration testing team of 125+ members, we perform over 1,000 penetration tests per year.
  • We understand the complex requirements of compliance frameworks, such as FedRAMP®, FISMA, HIPAA, and PCI, and have worked directly with the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) to refine vulnerability scanning requirements for cloud service providers.
Top cloud pen testers
  • Coalfire is the leading penetration testing team for not only the top cloud service providers (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM), but also small, medium, and enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers.
  • Coalfire is recognized as a authorized CVE Numbering Authority building best practice cooperation for international cyber defense.
Proven and comprehensive
  • As a market leader for over 12 years, we have the capabilities and expertise to carry out any attack vector, including physical access, social engineering, technical attacks, and non-traditional IoT solutions.

Get actionable intelligence that matters.

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