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Take your business to the next level with an effective cybersecurity strategy.

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From establishing metrics, to building a business case for your board to secure more budget, to supplementing your team with critical expertise, we give you the keys to thrive.

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You can never eliminate risk, but you can reduce it. Whether you’re building, improving, or maturing your cybersecurity program, we help you ensure it works for your business. Through our strategy, privacy, and risk services, we advise you and assess your environment to continually identify and address gap areas, so you can achieve success in the short term and the foreseeable future.

Strategy, privacy, risk services


Strategy+ provides your organization with tangible and achievable key performance metrics. These metrics and reports are custom developed by CxO advisors who are recognized industry experts with proven experience building and implementing high-performance programs.

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CISO advisory services

Access a team of veteran security professionals and a dedicated security advisor to help you manage stakeholder expectations, security initiatives, compliance obligations, and evolving technologies in the cybersecurity landscape. We work with you to:

  • Develop and/or refine a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • Design a robust cybersecurity program or manage your existing one.
  • Ensure that risk-based factors are appropriately applied to process, technology, and governance models
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Third-party risk management

Optimize and align third-party risk management (TPRM) to your internal processes, enabling your teams to properly develop and execute risk management activities at scale. Our TPRM program design and development enables effective monitoring, proactive risk reduction, and faster vendor onboarding.

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Data privacy program development services

Better understand your organization's exposure to current privacy laws, and create a privacy program that:

  • Anticipates changes in common themes.
  • Increases privacy resiliency.
  • Creates oversight opportunities for staff.
  • Identifies opportunities to automate data functions.
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Cyber risk assessment

Our approach to assessing enterprise risk includes evidence-based analysis of your organization’s current cyber risk posture, a prioritized risk treatment roadmap, and data management to support informed decisions on cyber risk reduction investments.

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Healthcare security risk analysis and advisory services

Our experts augment your risk management efforts to ensure best practices are followed and HIPAA requirements are properly addressed. Leveraging NIST 800-30 risk assessment guidance, we customize our approach based on our in-depth knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities impacting health IT environments.

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Merger and acquisition support

Evaluate risk throughout the M&A process. During the due diligence phase, we provide a rapid cybersecurity risk assessment to rate the maturity of the organization’s risk management, security organization and technology, third-party risk, cyber breach preparation, and more. The assessment duration is flexible based on the situation, but typically involves a two- to four-week engagement during which we evaluate the acquisition’s IT environment and cyber risk levels across critical security dimensions.

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What can you expect from our strategy, privacy, and risk services?


Drive a cyber program that’s tailored to your organization, business, and specific initiatives.

Expert guidance

Our advisors are former CIOs, CISOs, and executives who built and implemented successful programs themselves.

Reduced risk

Take a proven, strategic approach to identifying the core risk elements and risk thresholds specific to your business.

An actionable strategy

By evaluating your current and target states, we help you build a roadmap and execution plan to put your strategy into motion.

Remediate gaps

Identify vulnerabilities and receive ongoing guidance on security risk management.

Proactive approach

Prepare your organization by implementing a forward-looking approach rather than waiting for threats to arise.

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