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Our tailored physical and social engineering services transform vulnerabilities into strengths. Discover a stronger security stance and ensure your organization stands resilient against evolving adversarial tactics.

Our approach to social engineering and physical security assessments

Our approach embodies a spectrum of social engineering engagements designed to expose potential human and procedural vulnerabilities. Similarly, our physical security assessments rigorously test your existing infrastructures against a myriad of real-world threats, offering a clear lens to view your organization's readiness and resilience.

We deliver a comprehensive report detailing the assessments, findings, and strategic recommendations, alongside an in-depth debriefing with your stakeholders to foster a collaborative environment for remediation and enhancement.

Social engineering services

We help you assess your organization’s susceptibility to common schemes and evaluate your operational readiness responses to combat social engineering tactics.

Phishing campaigns

One-time or ongoing email campaigns leveraging tactics used by your adversaries designed to compromise credentials, workstations, and sensitive information.

Pretext calling / Vishing

Calling users under a pretext that prompts the user to provide us with sensitive information, or to follow a process that results in compromise of their workstation.

In-person assessments

Often integrated with our physical red team engagements, our most experienced consultants will personally visit your facilities to assess the ease of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

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Physical security services

Criminals frequently exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s physical environment, gaining unauthorized access with alarming ease. Our in-person social engineering and physical red team services delve deep into this often overlooked aspect of security.

Physical red team (offensive)

Utilizing non-destructive physical bypass techniques, we adeptly navigate through your premises to demonstrate how threat actors could infiltrate restricted areas and implant persistent access devices to compromise network assets. We then perform a post-exploitation debrief to demonstrate impact. This approach can include social engineering or can be mainly a covert entry assessment completed in the evening or off hours.

Physical security walkthrough (defensive)

Our team meets on site to review the physical security posture of your facility using a defensive approach. We'll discuss physical security fundamentals with your team before conducting a walkthrough of the entire facility, exposing and documenting vulnerabilities as we go. This approach also allows us to review virtual configurations, policies, and controls not typically possible in an offensive engagement. Walkthroughs embody our most comprehensive approach towards securing an entire facility's physical infrastructure.

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"We thought [our] security program was among the best in the industry....

This proved how our entire operation could be brought to a halt in the matter of a few days."

A casino engaged Coalfire to perform the ultimate real-world test of their people, processes, and technology – the results shocked them. 

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What can you expect from our social engineering assessments?

Actionable remediation recommendations

Understand how to immediately improve incident responses to non-technical attack vectors and your overall security posture.

Enhanced staff security awareness

Analyze employee awareness of and responses to suspicious activity and evaluate the effectiveness of your security awareness training.

Better visibility

Enhance visibility across your entire attack surface with Hexeon, our comprehensive platform that automates the vulnerability management lifecycle.

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