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Prepare your organization by simulating a real-world attack.

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Advanced attackers infiltrate and persist inside enterprise networks; inconspicuously exfiltrating your valuable data. Partner with the experts at Coalfire to identify the gaps in your security posture and close them before they are exploited. Use threat informed defense to maximize your security investment and focus on what matters most to your firm.

Comprehensively test your security posture

Red teaming simulates a real-world attack scenario to evaluate your ability to detect and respond. By testing your overall security posture, we can identify weaknesses in detection and response capabilities, as well as assess your ability to withstand a coordinated, multi-vector attack.

Acting like an attacker from start to finish

We emulate an adversary, attempting to identify and exploit vulnerabilities discretely while becoming progressively more overt. Our red team testing delivers valuable insight into the most likely avenues of attack such as:

  • Can an unauthenticated, external attacker leverage open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gain internal access or exfiltrate sensitive data?
  • How much of your company’s information is on the Dark Web? What and where is the data?
  • Can an adversary compromise physical security and gain access to sensitive areas or information at your offices?
  • How could your firm be attacked by ransomware? How would your team respond?
  • How susceptible are your employees to social engineering attacks, such as phishing emails or phone calls that ask for sensitive information?
  • Are you susceptible to increased risk from your third-party vendor partnerships?
  • Can an attacker compromise your cloud infrastructure?
  • What kind of damage could an internal threat such as a disgruntled employee cause?
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Helping you address gaps in your defenses through collaboration

During the entire engagement, our team collaborates with your security team to identify opportunities for improving your organization’s security posture, detection and response capabilities, and incident response plans. We compile a formal report that details the demonstrated threats and vulnerabilities and provides specific recommendations for countermeasures to eliminate or mitigate risks. We believe in deep partnerships that bolster and demonstrate your commitment to long-term security improvements.

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Training future security talent through real-world, hands-on experience and insight at the industry’s leading conferences and events.

What can you expect from our red team operations?

Comprehensive approach

We leverage tools built by our R&D team and customize payloads to test the limits of your detection and response capabilities.

Customized tests

Tests are tailored to meet your business objectives and provide appropriate, strategic recommendations for your company.

Deep expertise

Our team holds more than 30 unique certifications, including GXPN, GPEN, GCIH, GWAPT, OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, CEH, GXPN, and CISSP.

Giving back

In addition to contributing to the OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications, we also produce our annual pen risk report and collaborate directly with MITRE CALDERA™ and the MITRE Center for Threat Informed Defense to advance worldwide cyber risk management. Coafire is regularly featured in numerous national and global publications to offer insights into top cybersecurity incidents.

Technology-enabled security management

Enhance visibility across your entire infrastructure with Hexeon, our comprehensive offensive security platform connecting expertise to technology.

Industry thought leadership

Our experts have extensive thought leadership experience that spans many mediums. In addition to frequently producing security content on our website, we regularly speak at DEFCON, BlackHat, BruCon and dozens of other security conferences around the globe - sharing techniques that power our work with the information security community and help our clients remain secure.

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