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Secure your application from inception through deployment and beyond.

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Coalfire’s application security solutions span the software development lifecycle and are backed by ThreadFix – our threat and vulnerability management platform.

Systematically strengthen application security

Want to look beyond a point-in-time approach to review systemic risk in applications or systems? Our application security experts help you find vulnerabilities in web, APIs, mobile applications, and more. We can evaluate your processes, technology, and architecture to identify and access risk. Then address vulnerabilities on your own or contract with experienced application security experts who can help you:

  • Plan for, track, and remediate identified vulnerabilities.
  • Implement and operationalize application security tooling.
  • Create processes and procedures to establish and enhance application security programs.
  • Train your team on application security topics and build an internal network of security champions
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Application security services and solutions


By centralizing your test and vulnerability data in ThreadFix, your security team can spend less time manually correlating results and more time addressing security risks and vulnerabilities. Because you can quickly identify priority risk areas, you can reduce the time vulnerabilities live in your applications by up to 40%.

  • Escape from spreadsheets and PDF reports. ThreadFix’s patented Hybrid Analysis Mapping (HAM) technology removes the need to manually merge results of static and dynamic testing activities using inefficient tools.
  • Manage vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution. ThreadFix integrates with more than 40 different application scanners, network scanners, and defect trackers. See all integrations
  • Make smarter remediation decisions. Vulnerability trending reports, metrics, analysis, and dashboards help you characterize your organization’s true state of vulnerability resolution.

Vulnerability assessments

We assess application(s) for a wide range of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by real-life attackers using a methodology based on guidance provided by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) that captures major web application vulnerabilities that might exist. Identified vulnerabilities are classified and rated to clarify the remediation severity.

Source code reviews

We conduct static and manual security assessments on application code base(s), comprising automated source code scanning and a manual source code review.

Web application and API penetration testing

Beginning with initial information gathering and scanning, we map out your application and potential attack chains. We identify, assess, and enumerate coding flaws in the applications including the OWASP Top 10 Web and API vulnerabilities, privilege escalation, and business logic issues.

Mobile penetration testing

We assess your mobile apps for vulnerabilities and misconfiguration flaws. Employing expertise with iOS and Android operating systems across numerous device types, our team finds application coding flaws, including the OWASP Top 10 Mobile vulnerabilities, hardcoded secrets, and insecure access controls.

Detailed reporting and retesting activities

We document identified issues and provide remediation feedback so you can fully address identified coding flaws. Once you’ve implemented fixes, we review previously identified vulnerabilities to determine whether remediation or mitigation actions were successful.

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Threat modeling

Our threat models provide insight into attack vectors, threat agents, and the risk of each identified threat. Our combined risk analysis evaluates each threat using business impact against a threat agent or vulnerability likelihood model to provide a ranking and plan to avoid, remediate, transfer, or accept each risk.

The process

We analyze the application to identify associated security risks, assess security controls, and, if applicable, identify a framework to mitigate risk. Our consultants take steps to:

  1. Decompose the application.
  2. Determine and rank threats.
  3. Determine countermeasures and mitigation.

Threat modeling and risk analysis activities include:

  • A review of existing design or architectural diagrams, service documentation, information related to new features and project goals, and supporting documentation
  • Interviews with key subject matter experts and stakeholders (i.e., developers, security personnel, product owners, architects) to resolve questions about the system and its environment
  • Analysis of collected data and the creation of detailed data flow diagram(s) (DFDs); a list of core architectural profiles; and an “initial observations” deliverable of identified risks, security controls, and follow-up questions
Reporting and debrief

Once data is in hand, we deliver a comprehensive threat modeling report that:

  • Identifies, evaluates, and describes system threats.
  • Provides mitigation recommendations to address risk areas.
  • Supplies a comprehensive review of architectural security controls and concerns across system components.

During the debriefing call, we review the results of the report, address any questions, and discuss next steps.

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Application security advisory services

We help you build application security programming and procedures to further develop your organization’s security maturity.

Application security champions (ASCs)

Acting as developers skilled in application security topics, our experienced ASCs expand the scope and effectiveness of application security operations. Whether you want to leverage our expertise to host periodic trainings for security-interested developers, or need us to build, train, and manage an ASC team, we can help you bridge the gap between development and security operations.

Security tooling implementation

We help you get value from the tools you invest in, whether they’re source code scanners, secret scanners, bug trackers, or other tools. Our consultants can identify potential vendors, create selection criteria, conduct proofs of concept (POCs), choose a solution, implement your tool, train your people, and build organizational processes to fully leverage the tool’s capabilities.

Instructor-led training

Use our instructor-led application security training courses to train your team without leaving your office. Example topics include secure development methodologies, remediation tactics for specific vulnerabilities, security tool use, and more.

Program building

We can also serve as a long-term partner to help you create or expand an application security function. Our consultants can help you build a program from the ground up or assess your current program, build a roadmap, and execute activities to mature your application security operations.

Beginning with a gap analysis or framework assessment (such as OWASP SAMM or NIST SSDF), we evaluate the state of your program and provide comprehensive roadmaps and project plans for implementing application security processes and procedures. Our consultants will support your organization in carrying out project components as a trusted partner.

Our clients

What can you expect from our application security services?

Identify application vulnerabilities

Pinpoint security flaws in application code before they’re deployed. Integrate secure coding best practices to reduce the likelihood of reintroducing risk to your systems.

Reduce risk

Understand the risk posture of your web applications and implement custom roadmaps to improve your security maturity and decrease your attack surface.

Leverage cross-industry expertise

Skip the growing pains of trial by error by partnering with a team that’s built world-class application security programs across industries.

Operationalize security tooling

Select the best tools and implement them in a way that maximizes return on investment.

Drive collaboration

Build bridges, identify security champions, and create centers of knowledge between your security and development functions.

Expand your expertise

Broaden your team’s understanding of application security concepts, activities, and processes and their role in protecting assets.

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