Our offensive security services, powered by the Hexeon platform, offer comprehensive coverage of the vulnerability management lifecycle, enabling continuous monitoring and reporting on security progress.

Continuous threat exposure management to strengthen your cybersecurity posture

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    Enhance your cyber resiliency

    Evolve your defense and detection capabilities through a threat-informed collaborative approach.

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    Gain holistic visibility

    Leverage a unique blend of automation and human intelligence that provides continuous, real-time visibility into your attack surface.

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    Increase efficiency, minimize risk

    Optimize security resources by contextualizing risk findings that reduce business impact.

Offensive security in action

Bolstered by Hexeon, Coalfire's vulnerability management services quickly deliver valuable and actionable data. Hexeon allows our team of experts to protect your business, based on your specific needs, with an offensive security strategy that is proven to scale with even the most complex environments.

Threat-informed security at scale

With a team of over 150 expert testers and advisors, we provide comprehensive security assessments while offering adaptable solutions to suit your business's ever-changing needs and objectives. With experience developing scalable programs for numerous global Fortune 500 companies, we can provide the same scalable process applicable at any level.

Versatile vulnerability management

We deliver actionable, high-quality data that is easily understandable and valuable for decision-making. Our services and platform offer deep insights and executive-level visibility, empowering decision-makers to confidently justify investments by bridging the gap between data and decision-making.

Robust remediation services

Our offensive security services empower customers to prioritize remediation efforts based on risk, reducing the time spent on data puzzling and allowing more time for action. Our tracking and reporting capabilities strengthen security posture by supporting a focused and efficient approach to promptly and effectively addressing vulnerabilities.

Streamlined attack surface discovery

Our security services include asset discovery, threat profiling, offensive security testing, and remediation support, all backed by the expertise of our skilled professionals, streamlined processes, and advanced technology. With our comprehensive approach, we efficiently manage your attack surface and effectively address vulnerabilities throughout the entire vulnerability management lifecycle.

  • 11000+


    Offensive security engagements conducted across all major vertical industries.


    Enhanced identification and visibility

    More than 4K newly discovered assets across a single financial services firm's attack surface.


    Improved efficiency

    Up to 35% reduction in overall findings count.

Explore our offensive security services

Application security

Simplify your path to secure by design. Get security right from the start, reducing risk and accelerating your time to market.

Application security


A comprehensive solution to creating a secure and efficient cloud infrastructure.


IoT assessments that address device and ecosystem vulnerabilities, striking the right balance between security and time-to-market demands.


Comprehensively test, demonstrate, and improve your network security for external, internal, cloud, hybrid, and other kinds of network infrastructure.


From medical devices to EV charging stations, every piece of advanced technology benefits from superior security testing before going to market.

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