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As a technology solution provider, you should help your customers understand the cybersecurity measures you’ve taken to protect them. Coalfire produces independent white papers that explain how your solutions are secure and compliant. These tailored, strategic white papers can be used to improve your business security operations and reputation.

A range of white paper services to help you conceptualize, create, and launch successful products

More than 100 organizations have leveraged our objectivity through published white papers. Our papers highlight your approach to cybersecurity, provide credible support to your marketing efforts, and make your sales cycles easier and shorter. We work with your team to develop a white paper that addresses your audience and business goals.

Service Description
Technical evaluation white paper Provides technical design ideologies and principles of a product offering; discusses Coalfire’s tests and associated findings to your clients and/or prospects
Product applicability white paper Describes how your product may assist in creating compliant infrastructure for your clients and prospects
PA-DSS out-of-scope white paper Provides a third-party technical perspective of your payment application’s PA-DSS applicability based on in-depth validation; discusses how an application may not meet the eligibility criteria for PA-DSS validation, but still fits the basic requirements for installation and use in PCI compliance
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Why choose Coalfire for white paper services?

  • Our team holds more than 25 security certifications and brings a deep understanding of the risks associated with security – from compliance regulations to the industry’s toughest cybersecurity challenges.
  • Our firm stance on technology and vendor independence allows for thorough in-depth and unbiased recommendations from an experienced third party.

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