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The State Risk and Authorization Management Program (StateRAMP) is a new program — modeled after FedRAMP® – that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud service providers (CSPs). Increasingly, to sell to state and local governments, a CSP must prove its cybersecurity measures are powerful enough to protect client infrastructure. Coalfire offers expert guidance and advisory services to CSPs that want to use a StateRAMP authorization to gain access to new state and local government agency revenue streams.

StateRAMP authorization

Coalfire advises clients on achieving StateRAMP authorization using a proven, time-tested methodology along with established subject matter expertise to enable our clients to go to market faster and more securely, as well as using internal resources more effectively.

As a critical partner in the development of the program, Coalfire has insider knowledge of the emerging StateRAMP ecosystem. We maintain a strong relationship with StateRAMP’s executive leadership and PMO. This unparalleled knowledge base covers every angle for meeting security requirements for state and local governments.

In addition, we’ve leveraged our experience as the top FedRAMP 3PAO to easily develop custom StateRAMP solution for clients, so our comprehensive turnkey StateRAMP security packages are assessment-ready and offer actionable solutions to get you to market and achieve a faster return on your security investments. 

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StateRAMP solution options

  • Comprehensive gap analysis
  • Ad hoc advisory consulting services
  • Technical and administrative compliance workshops
  • Business strategy sessions 
  • StateRAMP readiness preparation
  • Boundary diagram development

Why choose Coalfire for StateRAMP advisory services?

  • StateRAMP is a new program and Coalfire has been at the forefront of development the whole way, serving as members of the steering committee and the standards and technical committee.
  • We are one of the first 3PAOs to received StateRAMP accreditation and we have more clients listed on the StateRAMP Authorized Vendor list than any other 3PAO.
  • 100% of systems that have already achieved StateRAMP authorization worked with Coalfire.
  • Over 60% of the systems that are currently StateRAMP-ready used Coalfire to get there, more than any other 3PAO.

StateRAMP vs FedRAMP frequently asked questions

StateRAMP vs FedRAMP - how are they similar?
  • Both are based on NIST SP 800-53
  • Both use "Ready" and "Authorized" statuses
  • Both require 3PAO audits
  • Both rate impact levels using "low," "moderate," and "high," which align with NIST
StateRAMP vs FedRAMP - how are they different?
  • StateRAMP is a resource for state and local governments, while FedRAMP operates on the federal level.
  • StateRAMP is tailored to the unique needs of each individual state, while FedRAMP promotes cloud security federally.
  • StateRAMP is a non-profit that encourages cybersecurity best practices via education. FedRAMP, on the other hand, is a paid government resource.
  • StateRAMP Ready statuses do not have an expiration date, while FedRAMP offers a 12-month window upon achieving Ready status to become Authorized.
  • StateRAMP allows state and local governments to monitor their vendors' security. FedRAMP monitoring is only offered to federal agencies.

Coalfire is here to support your StateRAMP journey, and always available to answer any questions you may have.

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