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Strategy+ examines the client's cybersecurity strategy at both the enterprise and functional levels, evaluating the maturity and effectiveness of twelve inclusive domains across three key dimensions: (1) Business Alignment, (2) Performance Management, and (3) Controls Discipline. Best practice guidance is combined with a "fit for purpose" approach to help an organization build a sustainable cyber program that meets the challenges of balancing asset protection with delivering value and aligning to business goals.

Develop a cybersecurity assessment strategy unique to your business

Most organizations struggle with designing, implementing, and sustaining a cybersecurity program that consistently produces the outcomes needed most by the business. The underlying causes for ineffective programs can be complex, but typically they all point to the lack of a balanced, disciplined, and business-aligned strategy for doing the right things, doing things the right way, and delivering the right outcomes.

Coalfire has developed a unique approach to cybersecurity strategy that blends the proven principles of business strategy planning and management with the ever-evolving art of cybersecurity program design, governance and execution. The Strategy+ framework analyzes the key business dynamics that shape an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, so a tailored program can be developed that repeatedly delivers the outcomes most valued by their stakeholders.


Why choose Coalfire?

Coalfire’s Strategy+ service is customizable to your unique situation and provides the mechanisms to build a sustainable cybersecurity program that aligns with your business goals. Strategy+ provides your organization with key performance metrics that are tangible and achievable. These metrics and the reports are custom developed by CxO advisors who are recognized industry experts with proven experience in building and implementing high-performance programs.

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