When challenges become opportunities.

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    Business first.

    Drive a cyber program that’s customized to your organization, your business, your specific initiatives.

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    Because there’s always a next.

    Continuously mature and advance your program, reducing risk and improving outcomes.

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    Knowledge is power.

    Secure budgets and instill confidence by measuring and articulating the effectiveness of your efforts and future investments.

In lockstep with your business

The most effective cybersecurity program is one that aligns with your business. Whether you’re building, improving, or maturing your program, Coalfire develops appropriate strategies that take you to the next level.

Calculate every angle.

You can never eliminate risk, but you can reduce it. Protecting your organization requires a program that meets your business’s needs. And that only happens when you look at the big picture – and take a proven, strategic approach to identifying the core risk elements and risk thresholds specific to your business. 

Activate your strategy.

Guidance from our experts – many of whom are former CIOs, CISOs, and executives who built and implemented successful programs themselves – empowers you to make the strong decisions necessary to customize your program. Once you have this strong understanding of your current and target states, we build a roadmap and execution plan to make it happen.

Fuel your success.

Because there’s always room to improve and advance, we’ll advise you and assess your environment to continually identify and address gap areas – enabling you to achieve success not just in the short term, but for the foreseeable future.

There’s never been a gap we can’t help close.

Often the gaps that need the most attention aren’t physical. From establishing metrics and measurement capabilities, to building a business case for your board to secure more budget, to supplementing your team with critical expertise – we give you the keys to thrive.

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