Protecting utilities against cyber attacks

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Cybersecurity is a top concern for U.S. utilities, and with good reason. According to the Department of Homeland Security, attacks on the utilities industry are rising "at an alarming rate." Utilities are looking for better ways to segment data between their networks controlling production facilities and their internal business networks.

Critical infrastructure protections for public utilities

Attacks against key energy infrastructure – the electricity system, in particular –are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Given this reality, experts agree that the nation’s bulk power system and its operators must be prepared to identify, minimize, respond to, and recover from any unplanned catastrophic event, including cyber attacks that could disrupt the power grid.

Coalfire can help power suppliers and generators address the required cyber controls and protections to protect the power supply.

Benefits of working with Coalfire:

  • Perform risk analysis of critical assets.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and close gaps.
  • Address NERC CIP requirements.
  • Implement an incident recovery program. 
Electrical grid

Why utilities choose Coalfire

  • Our unrivaled experience, proven processes, existing working aids, and compliance management portal equip us to help you establish and maintain a successful compliance program, while greatly reducing the risk of control failure or compliance deficiency fines.
  • A nationally recognized leader in cyber risk management and compliance, Coalfire has conducted thousands of assessments for public sector entities.

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