Security is a team game

Coalfire advisors and assessors work directly for their clients, but they don't work alone. Each project goes through a quality assurance and peer review process, and we are constantly trading ideas and learning from each other. We help that along by inviting solution providers to brief our assessors on innovations and case studies; and those sessions almost always lead to vigorous debates on best practices. These solution providers don't expect – and we don’t accept – payment for client introductions; these service providers want to win on their own merits and serve the customers that fit their business models.

Partnering with AWS


As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, we can help you identify your organization’s best approach for security in the cloud. With a variety of secure cloud services (spanning assessments, cyber engineering, testing, compliance and more), Coalfire has the knowledge and experience to help your organization migrate to and stay secure in the cloud. Learn more

Additional Coalfire Partners

Google Cloud

Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Coalfire’s strategic partners are primarily large cloud platform or IT services providers. Some of these service providers are assessed by Coalfire against data security or privacy frameworks or general best practices, and those assessment results can often be leveraged by the service providers’ clients. For others, we offer complementary security and privacy consulting services to enhance the service providers’ offerings.

Influence Partners

In most cases, Coalfire’s services help this partner type fulfill a need for their client. These partners are often professional services-oriented organizations, such as law firms, insurance underwriters, financial advisors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms.

Technology Partners

Technology partners deliver security testing and risk management solutions that supplement Coalfire’s capabilities. In limited instances, Coalfire may license and incorporate the partner’s technology into Coalfire’s service offerings, whereas in other cases, Coalfire may introduce the partner to a client to enhance the client’s vendor selection process.