FFIEC Assessment Services

Audit and Assessment for Banks and Credit Unions

The modern financial industry is dependent upon complex, interconnected IT infrastructures to conduct global business operations. This dynamic is coupled with the growing number of technologies used to support customers and employees, including core systems, automated teller machines, Internet and mobile applications as well as cloud computing. This rapidly evolving landscape is giving way to a dramatic increase in cyber security risk and a growing need for cybersecurity assessments and risk mitigation strategies.

Information security has always been a core focus of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). However, in 2014, the supervisory group developed a robust set of regulations designed to better protect all federally insured depository institutions and their customers’ sensitive information against cyber terrorism. Compliance is now mandatory for all financial institutions and involves comprehensive configuration controls that allow for thorough assessment and evaluation, rigorous change detection and detailed reporting.

Banking on a Secure Financial IT Infrastructure

The Coalfire FFIEC Assessment is designed to assist federally insured financial institutions with risk reduction, enable FFIEC compliance, and increase operational efficiency. Our experts use proven methodologies and streamlined portal-based solutions to cost-effectively meet the needs of financial services institutions.

Reducing Financial IT Security Risk

Coalfire is a nationally recognized leader in IT compliance with thousands of assessments for financial services institutions. Our experience in training NCUA, FDIC and OCC/OTS regulators allows us to provide thorough, cost-effective solutions to complex information security risk management requirements.

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