Protecting Utilities Against Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity has entered the list of the top five concerns for U.S. electric utilities, and with good reason. According to the Department of Homeland Security, attacks on the utilities industry are rising "at an alarming rate." Utilities are looking for better ways to segment data between their networks controlling production facilities and their internal business networks.

Critical Infrastructure Protections for Public Utilities

A federal analysis revealed that if only 9 of the country’s 55,000 electrical substations were to go down — whether for mechanical issues or malicious intent — the nation would plunge into a coast-to-coast blackout. As the risk of criminally motivated attacks on critical infrastructure rises, the need for broad security measures that provide the proper education, segmentation, monitoring and redundancies has never been greater.

A recent survey by Black & Veatch of electric utility personnel reported that their systems are not protected appropriately and would incur additional operational security risks to do so.

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Coalfire Offers Public Utilities:

  • Risk analysis of where likely cyber attacks may occur
  • NERC CIP assessments
  • Third-party assessment of SIEM tools