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Technology innovations are enabling new methods for corporations and governments to operate and driving changes in consumer behavior. The companies delivering these technology products are facilitating business transformation that provides new operating models, increased efficiency, and engagement with consumers as businesses seek a competitive advantage. Indeed, technology providers are becoming an indispensable part of the business supply chain and should be subject to security and risk management best practices.


Technology companies involved with the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology, autonomous/connected cars, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud-based services, virtual reality, and cybersecurity technology are at the leading edge of innovation. They are providing services that will further change business models and consumption.

These innovations are combining network, hardware, software, mobility, and data storage capabilities, often creating a multi-provider network of dependencies to deliver the final technology product.

As a result of these dependencies, businesses, vendors, and clients are interconnected. If one service provider experiences a cyberattack, it creates a domino effect that impacts their customers, their customers’ customers, and so on down the line. To protect company reputations, revenue, and trustworthiness, technology companies need to demonstrate a commitment to security.

Coalfire helps organizations – from startups to multi-nationals - improve the security of the technology being developed and launched in the marketplace.

Our work in the technology industry includes:

  • Security reviews and evaluations of a broad range of technology solutions– ranging from hardware, software, and network solutions across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based delivery models
  • Pre-market medical device testing for a major manufacturer that helped mature their overall security program
  • Development of a connected appliance (IoT) cybersecurity framework for a large appliance manufacturer
  • Connected-car embedded systems testing and remediation
  • Security applications and hardware compliance validation and security architecture testing
  • Mobile/mobility management risk assessments

Why Coalfire for technology organizations

  • We can help you take new products to market – providing valuable third-party validation and white papers that outline the security approach and controls embedded within a solution.
  • We understand security implications and appropriate controls when using hybrid, public, or private cloud environments.