Protect Retail Customer Card Data

The global retail industry has become the top target for cyber terrorists, and the impact of this onslaught has been staggering to merchants. To secure the complex IT infrastructure of a retail environment, merchants must embrace enterprise-wide cyber risk management practices that reduces risk, minimizes costs and provides security to their customers and their bottom line.

An Industry Under Attack

Retail enterprises that wish to remain secure must look to the entire information ecosystem that impacts business operations. In this environment, C-suite executives are looking to comprehensive risk management that includes strategies beyond meeting PCI compliance requirements.

Coalfire offers enterprise retailers:

  • Documentation and confirmation of the scope or your risk profile
  • A team of highly experienced QSAs for PCI compliance
  • Alignment of your PCI assessments with other assessments, such as SOC or ISO examinations
  • Knowledge of most POS systems
  • Experienced technology professionals that can provide security guidance on everything from omnichannel strategies to implementing emerging payment types

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