Truth is SCARIER than Fiction Redux

Mike Weber, Vice President, Coalfire Labs

Yes... To be honest, although we really do some neat stuff here at Coalfire Labs that can be pretty scary, I’ve got to give a shout out to “reality” for being even scarier than any emulated attack we could possibly develop.  The astounding number of data breaches announced this year is just shocking, really.  It really felt like there was a new one every month.  As it turns out, there was!  Even more than that on average, as we’ve had at least 14 of them over a 10 month span.  

I’ve summarized the major breaches here just to show how scary a year it’s been already.  I pulled this list together based on the significance of the “loot” that was stolen in the attack.

For those of you keeping score at home, this equals over 100 Million credit card numbers, over 313 Million personal records, and at least a few dozen celebrities in shots their publicist did not pre-approve. And the Christmas shopping season is yet to begin.  

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate a snapshot of a sample of your systems to provide yourself a little comfort regarding your security posture before the Breach Season kicks into full gear?

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Mike Weber


Mike Weber — Vice President, Coalfire Labs

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