IT Security Horror Story: Is your Network an Unsegmented Haunted House?

Mark Manousogianis, Information Security Consultant, Coalfire Labs

One day I went to a client site to perform internal penetration test to emulate the insider threat. This testing was designed to help this client understand the damage a rogue employee or an intruder who gained physical access to the network could do.  The site that I was visiting was a storefront and had public WiFi.  I told the store staff who I was there to meet, and while I waited for the client to become available I connected to the public WiFi just to have a look.
Prior to arriving, I’d received a list of the internal systems that were in scope for testing.  So while I waited, I decided to try to scan the store’s systems just to cross this attack vector off my list. Certainly, this client wouldn’t have bridged his public and private networks – this should be just a quick check. 
I was startled to see that I was able to see the cash registers and back office server at the location. After this I started to wonder…I know that the locations are connected to the corporate LAN via point-to-point VPN, I couldn’t see beyond this store could I? I went back to my scope document and found the IP addresses for the corporate headquarters. I kicked off another scan and sure enough, I was able to see this company’s domain controller at their corporate headquarters from the public WiFi of one of their many stores. Taking advantage of the lack of segmentation, I was able to launch attacks on the corporate LAN from the comfort of a table, on the patio of this location, all while drinking the soda that they served me.

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Mark Manousogianis


Mark Manousogianis — Information Security Consultant, Coalfire Labs

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