• Lift and drag: confronting complacency and disrupting inertia in cybersecurity strategy

    Mark Adams, Director, Coalfire

    Within corporate cybersecurity, resistance presents in a variety of forms. Individuals and institutions alike often face overwhelming peer pressure to “keep doing what made us successful in the past.” In the face of that pressure, it can be difficult to generate or sustain momentum toward higher-level goals after achieving even an intermediate milestone. For example, an organization that invests in program resources to meet the rigorous compliance standards of a cybersecurity control framework may stall in implementing next-level discipline to achieve essential operational efficiency and business enablement objectives. Read more
  • Crypto vulnerability management

    Karl Steinkamp, Director, PCI Product and Quality Assurance

    In this blog series, we’ve discussed in detail how crypto assets and currencies are no longer passing fads. Even if your C-suite remains skeptical, security leaders and teams can’t afford to keep watching, waiting, and speculating about what’s going to happen or when your organization will be directly affected. The time for action has come, and it’s now your responsibility to get development and security programs attuned to decentralized architecture before crypto adoption. Read more