Upcoming Podcast: Python security projects

Mike Weber, Vice President, Coalfire Labs

Join Coalfire penetration tester Dan McInerney on Thursday April 30th at 6:00pm ET on the Security Weekly Podcast.
Dan will be making a guest appearance on Paul’s Security Weekly podcast on Thursday, April 30th for episode 416 to discuss his Python security projects and experience in the infosec community. Dan joined Coalfire 6 months ago and has released several tools in that time thanks to Coalfire’s generous practice development policy. This let him use work hours to develop tools that make security consultants’ job easier.
Dan will be also doing a technical segment on a few Python libraries that security folks can use to make their lives easier by explaining a few simple Python “recipes” that display the basic power of the libraries. These recipes can be used as the building block for more complex and custom scripts.
Tune in to Security Weekly at http://securityweekly.com/ 6:00pm, April 30th and check out the show.
Mike Weber


Mike Weber — Vice President, Coalfire Labs

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