Scanning services and support


Coalfire provides products and services that you need to easily and efficiently manage vulnerability scanning requirements. Utilizing our project-enabled scanning, you can quickly configure and manage your needs for internal and external vulnerability scanning and PCI authorized scanning vendor (ASV) requirements.

Internal and external scanning

  • Scale large, complex environments. The robust scanning platform scales to support large enterprise environments with up to 1 million internal targets and 100,000 external targets.
  • Manage your scans as a continuous project. Set up and configure projects to manage your scanning needs. Scheduling scans is as easy as creating a meeting in Outlook.
  • Identify what you need to do right away. Our dashboard helps you discover the most important items to research and remediate to meet your compliant status.
  • Control project-level access. When you need to keep data segmented, our platform lets you delegate access and control to individuals with a need to know.
  • Manage your in-scope assets. Import and set up scanning assets/targets. Quickly add and remove thousands of targets in bulk, see their associated schedules, and schedule them in bulk.
  • View impacts to hosts. Find aggregated information for individual hosts and vulnerabilities. Quickly view potential threats by seeing the entire picture.

Self-service vulnerability scans

Through our service, you can self-manage vulnerability scans with unlimited rescans on demand throughout your subscription. Access to the Scanning Services Team is available for support as needed. We provide access to our scans, our proprietary and powerful internal, external, and ASV self-service vulnerability scans platform to help you easily identify vulnerabilities

Stay ahead of adversaries

Manage scans from a secure dashboard for a range of organizational IP addresses.

Schedule scans

Scan when needed – on demand or on a predetermined schedule to meet a deadline.

Get help to address vulnerabilities

Manage findings, remediation, and disputes online with assistance from PCI-certified ASV assessors, all within the user-friendly scans portal.

Why choose Coalfire for scanning services?

  • The Scanning Services Team comprise subject matter experts who work directly with your organization’s personnel to scan your in-scope environment.
  • Save your organization the cost of hiring full-time employees.
  • Reduce the burden and increase staff productivity by refocusing them on priority business.
  • Simplify PCI compliance by scheduling regular scan and reduce the risk of missing quarterly compliance requirements.

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