Internet of Things security

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Businesses are harnessing ubiquitous connectivity and the power of data to provide better services to their clients by building new capabilities into field devices. With this change, these solutions are now subject to a new set of threats and are exposed to a world of potential adversaries.

Test your IoT solution from field devices to the cloud

IoT solutions can be rather complex, integrating “smart devices” in field operations and big data through wireless communications, telemetry systems, data analysis platforms, and workflow management systems. Testing an IoT solution needs to be comprehensive, addressing all of the components that may be exposed to threats.

Our approach to IoT penetration testing addresses this ecosystem from end to end, including communication technologies, cloud-based data management platforms, data-sharing APIs, and management and instrumentation web and mobile apps.

Why partner with Coalfire for IoT penetration testing?

  • As Adversary Ops has tested all of the largest cloud service providers on their IoT service platforms, we possess a deep understanding of the platforms that optimize the rapid deployment of IoT solutions.
  • Our hardware testing lab contains state-of-the-art equipment that can test virtually any type of hardware.
  • We’ve completed hundreds of projects in industrial environments, dozens of projects for the automotive industry, and numerous projects for medical device manufacturers.

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