Internet of Things security

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Millions of IoT devices are manufactured every year, presenting new security and privacy challenges. Developers and teams working to integrate these devices into their organizations must be able to identify the security risks within a device, as well as the risks associated with transferring information across networks and among devices.

Test your IoT solution from field devices to cloud deployment

IoT solutions can be rather complex, integrating “smart devices” in field operations and big data through wireless communications, telemetry systems, data analysis platforms, and workflow management systems. Testing an IoT solution needs to be comprehensive, addressing all components that may be exposed to threats.

Our approach to IoT security addresses this ecosystem from end to end, including communication technologies, cloud-based data management platforms, data-sharing APIs, and management and instrumentation web portals and mobile apps.

We test your IoT devices against a range of attacks including spoofing, tampering, denial of service (DoS), information disclosure, elevation of privilege, and more. Then we guide you through the remediation steps necessary to close any gaps discovered during our simulated attacks.

Why partner with Coalfire for IoT security?

  • Using cutting-edge tools and techniques, we conduct wired and wireless interface testing, embedded software and firmware review and testing, transport layer profiling and man-in-the-middle (MitM) testing, and web interface testing.
  • We’ve completed hundreds of projects in industrial environments, dozens of projects for the automotive industry, and numerous projects for modern retail and medical device manufacturers.

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