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The path to FedRAMP authorization is a long, rigorous one that begins with a readiness assessment to determine a cloud service provider’s (CSP) ability to satisfy FedRAMP requirements.

The first step to a FedRAMP Ready cloud service

We can complete the required FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report (RAR), the  first phase of FedRAMP’s accelerated process for authorization. The assessment saves time for all parties by giving agencies, CSPs, and the FedRAMP Project Management Office (PMO) early feedback on whether your service offering is likely to be successful in obtaining FedRAMP authorization.

Components of this assessment include:

  • Personnel interviews and documentation review.
  • Technical vulnerability assessment (vulnerability scanning of network, database, and web applications) to ensure tools are configured properly and scan results can be remediated within the timeframes required by FedRAMP.
  • Verification of system boundary against FedRAMP boundary requirements.
  • Evaluation of critical control implementation, including all FedRAMP-required federal mandates.
  • Education of stakeholders regarding final assessment requirements, timelines, and likelihood of Authority to Operate (ATO) by chosen sponsor.
  • A roadmap and level of effort to become FedRAMP Ready.

Why choose Coalfire for your FedRAMP readiness assessment?

  • We are the leading accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) for FedRAMP.
  • We have conducted more readiness assessments than any other 3PAO, including RARs for several leading CSPs and system integrators.
  • We worked closely with the FedRAMP PMO to provide feedback during the RAR template and requirements development and are actively in discussions over pending template modifications.

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