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Coalfire’s independent advisors can help your organization prepare your cloud service for FedRAMP consulting, assessment, and authorization. Your FedRAMP consultant will lead you through the FedRAMP lifecycle and assist with establishing go-to market strategies, boundary scoping, identifying gaps in FedRAMP compliance, remediation and architecture support, and navigating the FedRAMP assessment.

Our customized FedRAMP advisory services

  • Business case analysis to help determine the cost-benefit justification of achieving FedRAMP certification of your solution
  • Establishment of a go-to market strategy for your cloud products in the federal marketplace
  • Assistance with navigating conversations with potential agency sponsors
  • Security control implementation analysis, review, and remediation support
  • Creation of a roadmap for FedRAMP authorization to get you 
  • Technical architecture reviews and design support
  • FedRAMP security documentation development
  • Assistance during 3PAO assessment with artifact collection, interviews, plan of action and milestones (POA&M) development, and documentation updates

FedRAMP gap analysis

Our experienced FedRAMP Advisory team conducts several days of analysis and review, then advises project stakeholders about key steps in the FedRAMP process. Our review process includes:

  • Providing an overview of the FedRAMP processes and authorization paths
  • Boundary scoping to ensure all components and interconnections have been identified
  • Analysis and review of security control implementations
  • Recommendations for all unmet requirements
  • Emphasis on controls required for a FedRAMP readiness assessment
  • Determination of reuse of corporate and system-specific security documentation
  • A review of vulnerability scanning program and tools and resulting recommendations
  • Establishment of a roadmap for FedRAMP authorization
  • Tips for achieving FedRAMP Ready and submitting a winning Joint Authorization Board (JAB) business case (if applicable)

FedRAMP advisory and documentation support

We map each advisory service to a specific step of the FedRAMP process, so you can choose the level of support you need. Working closely with your team, our advisors help design and develop security controls that meet FedRAMP requirements.

Why choose Coalfire to be your FedRAMP consultant?

  • We have helped more CSPs attain a FedRAMP ATO than any other 3PAO in the industry – having completed more than 90 assessments for CSPs.
  • Our FedRAMP advisory team has consulted and prepared more than 200 clients to be audit ready.
  • Our teams are highly experienced and well versed in NIST 800-53 and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements and how they relate to commercial cloud environments.
  • Our FedRAMP expertise and engineering and security architecture capabilities allow us to provide full FedRAMP lifecycle support from build/control implementation to authorization.
  • We have been a charter member and active contributor to the 3PAO Special Interest Group (SIG), other key FedRAMP PMO initiatives, and the ACT-IAC FedRAMP working group since FedRAMP’s inception.

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