CoalfireOneSM assessment and project management

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CoalfireOneSM assessment and project management is a collaboration portal that helps you manage and simplify your compliance projects and assessments with Coalfire.

A powerful project management and collaboration portal for managing assessments and compliance projects

To streamline and simplify the assessment experience, you’ll have access to the CoalfireOne assessment and project management portal for the duration of your project. Not only does it allow you and your team to effectively check status and manage tasks, but it also facilitates smooth collaboration and enables more successful assessment outcomes.


Company and project-specific dashboards help you track project-specific action items, schedule timelines, and manage priorities and risks – so you can ensure projects meet expected dates and results.


Utilizing information defined during the environment and scope definition process, our assessors configure the necessary requirements and controls for your project. By tailoring the project in this way, all project members can focus on the critical items required for compliance and reporting needs.

Document management

Easily manage documents and evidence through secure document libraries, which integrate with other features, like action items, to automatically create relationships to in-scope controls and requirements.

Comments and mentions

Make comments and directly mention users on action items. Seamlessly communicate with other assessment members in a single platform, without tracking and managing emails. Comments and mentions are available to all users so anyone can provide responses and assist in faster resolution.

Help and guidance

Self-help is simplified by offering users access to online resources within CoalfireOne. Action items contain important guidance that help users understand exactly what is required to satisfy the requests.

Product support

Easily request assistance and quickly resolve issues. Our feature and help request submission forms let you submit requests without leaving your project and workflow. CoalfireOne support actively monitors these requests to ensure timely responses.

CoalfireOne delivers the technology and insight to help you simplify compliance and reduce risks.

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Why choose Coalfire for scanning services?

  • The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team comprise subject matter experts who work directly with your organization’s personnel to scan your in-scope environment.
  • Save your organization the cost of hiring full-time employees.
  • Reduce the burden and increase staff productivity by refocusing them on priority business.
  • Simplify PCI compliance by scheduling regular scan and reduce the risk of missing quarterly compliance requirements.