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Many organizations struggle to manage and monitor their environment with the ever-growing number of connected devices and data on their networks. With Coalfire’s SIEM professional services, we can help you ingest device data, normalize it, visualize it, and alert on it through a SIEM tool.


Coalfire utilizes industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies, such as Splunk and Elastic Stack, to help clients monitor and manage their networks.
Utilizing decades of experience, our SIEM experts can create custom tailored content for your environment. Whether your focus is on compliance, security, operations, or enhancing your security posture with log analytics and awareness, we build SIEM solutions that fit every client’s needs.

Coalfire has developed in-house compliance and security applications for both Splunk and the Elastic Stack SIEM tools in accordance with NIST control families, which can be applied to all levels of FISMA and FedRAMP certification.

Coalfire’s in-house compliance advisors allow us to also build and consult on SIEM solutions for other compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC, ISO, HITRUST, and many others.

Our mission is to build a SIEM tool that adheres to the best practices of each SIEM technology, while working with you to ensure that it is highly effective and relevant for your security program.

What a SIEM does for you

  • Create a holistic view of your environment
  • Centrally collect, store, and analyze logs from perimeters to end points
  • Monitor and alert for security threats
  • Quick attack detection, containment and response capabilities
  • Holistic security reporting and compliance management
  • Visualize compliance controls for auditing purposes
Iso Management

Iso Management

Service offerings

  • Complete architecture design and build of Splunk or Elastic Stack on-prem or in the cloud
  • Consulting services for pre-existing Splunk or Elastic Stack environments
  • Optimization of pre-existing Splunk or Elastic Stack environments
  • Building custom dashboards, visualizations, and alerts
  • Data ingestion and parsing of log sources to the SIEM tool
  • Hosting workshops to help clients determine the best SIEM tool for their needs
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of the SIEM environment

Why choose Coalfire for SIEM professional services?

  • We can build a Splunk or Elastic Stack SIEM environment to create a single tool capable of analyzing all the data in your environment
  • We will use the SIEM tool to build custom dashboards, visualizations, alerts, and reports to meet compliance requirements and any client specific requirements
  • We can use the SIEM tool to create custom alerts to increase security and operational posture
  • After building a SIEM tool, we can provide continuous maintenance and operations of that SIEM tool to decrease your overhead of staff for the care and feeding of the SIEM tool

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