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Cloud native and hybrid cloud deployments enhance cyber resilience through the automation and orchestration of cloud services, which allows for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) across multiple platforms. To measurably manage cloud ecosystem cyber risk, you need insight into your organization’s cyber resilience and current cloud cyber risk posture.

Enhancing cyber resilience in cloud native and hybrid cloud ecosystems

Coalfire’s approach to analyzing cyber risk in cloud native or hybrid cloud ecosystems provides visibility into the controls, processes, cyber threats, and risks to your SaaS, PaaS, APIs, and other cloud service provider deployments. The resulting perspective on the cyber risks encountered, transferred, or shared enables leadership to make informed cyber risk-based decisions, improve deployment orchestration and automation, and identify ROI on cloud security investments.

Following the cloud security risk assessment, we prioritize the results, identifying process and control weaknesses, threats, and potential impacts of a cyber event on your organization. We leverage this information to develop a tailored roadmap for reducing your cloud ecosystem’s cyber risk and improving cyber resilience.

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Why choose Coalfire for your cloud security risk assessment?

Coalfire’s expert consultants engage your key stakeholders, business leaders, and process owners to:

  • Identify the cloud services your organization relies on to deliver services.
  • Analyze preventive and detective controls that secure your cloud ecosystem.
  • Develop the cyber risk posture of your organization’s cloud services.
  • Develop prioritized recommendations and a roadmap for risk reduction.
  • Determine the levels of cyber risk, potential loss, disruption, or exposure of your cloud-based assets.
  • Create a workbook and plan of action for managing ongoing cloud cyber risk.  

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