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The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a U.S. government program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud service providers (CSPs).  To sell to the federal government, a CSP must have a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO).


As the leading FedRAMP 3PAO in the industry, we provide FedRAMP advisory and assessment services to CSPs (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS). You’ll benefit from our unparalleled FedRAMP leadership and experience advising and assessing the world’s largest CSPs. View our FedRAMP-authorized clients on the official FedRAMP.gov site.

FedRAMP assessment and advisory services

Before the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or authorizing agency accepts the residual risk of a system and grants an ATO, you must provide documentation utilizing FedRAMP templates that comprehensively details the system, controls, and authorization boundaries. To help you prepare to pursue an ATO, we have developed services designed to match the FedRAMP process.

  • Readiness assessment – we conduct a technical capability assessment to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to achieve a FedRAMP ATO. This is required for CSPs pursuing a JAB authorization. Some agencies are starting to make this a requirement as well, so ask your agency sponsor.
  • Advisory consulting – we advise on system architecture and documentation of the environment and security control implementations. We can also produce a system security plan (SSP), policies and procedures, and other necessary system documentation.
  • FedRAMP assessment – this full technical assessment ensures your compliance with NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 and FedRAMP controls. We serve as the independent 3PAO to develop the 3PAO-required FedRAMP documentation, including a security assessment plan (SAP), security requirements traceability matrix (SRTM) to document assessment results, and security assessment report (SAR). We assess manual security controls; conduct vulnerability scans on all operating systems, web applications, and databases; and perform a penetration test on your offering.
  • Continuous monitoring – we perform ongoing (monthly, quarterly, and annually) risk monitoring activities required to monitor and maintain the system after achieving a FedRAMP ATO.

Accelerated Cloud Engineering for FedRAMP

Coalfire has helped more cloud service providers (CSPs) attain a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) than any other accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) in the industry. In fact, we were engaged in 70% of all new FedRAMP ATOs in the past year and have partnered in over 1,200 unique FedRAMP engagements. Through Coalfire’s proprietary Accelerated Cloud Engineering (ACE) offering, CSPs are achieving ATO faster and easier than ever before and are seeing an average ROI of 429% within the first year. Learn more.


Why choose Coalfire for your FedRAMP needs?

  • We have helped more CSPs attain a FedRAMP ATO than any other 3PAO in the industry – having completed more than 90 assessments for CSPs who have received FedRAMP ATO.
  • Our FedRAMP advisory team has consulted and prepared more than 200 clients for FedRAMP audits.
  • We know the process and best practices and understand FedRAMP requirements and the JAB’s interpretation of controls.
  • Our teams are highly experienced and well versed in NIST 800-53 and Department of Defense requirements and how they relate to commercial cloud environments.

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