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Coordinated assessment

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The constant drive to comply with multiple standards, frameworks, and regulations can take a toll on your team’s ability to perform efficiently and drive business effectively. Coalfire’s coordinated assessment eliminates the heavy uplift required to execute compliance, making it scalable, sustainable, and consistent.

Reduce risk and total cost of compliance with coordinated assessments

  • Align compliance efforts with business priorities.
  • Coordinate compliance activities across regulations to reduce level of effort and cost associated with multiple obligations.
  • Effectively use compliance to reduce risk and unlock new markets.
  • Leverage a team of individual compliance area experts rather than general IT auditors with minimal experience in specific frameworks.
  • Get to market quicker, while freeing internal resources to do what needs to be done for the business.


Why choose Coalfire?

  • We are the only cybersecurity advisor with expertise in more than 40 compliance frameworks worldwide.
  • Our dedicated team of subject matter experts have conducted more than 2,000 assessments in the past two years.
  • We partner with clients to help them apply new approaches and technologies through automation and continuous monitoring for ongoing visibility.
  • The easy-to-use, secure CoalfireOne℠ platform lets you automate and proactively manage your compliance program.

Showcase your security posture.

Get return on compliance investment and grow market share with services to help expand into new markets, create competitive differentiators, and accelerate pipeline.

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Compliance management

Gain year-round visibility of your compliance posture to maintain a strong compliance program and improve security.

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