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Advanced attackers infiltrate and devastate enterprise networks, appearing as ghosts that exfiltrate vast amounts of information. Whether you’re a government agency, defense contractor, healthcare provider, financial services corporation, or multinational enterprise, you’re at risk.

Prepare your organization for a real-world scenario by simulating an attack

Red team testing is a complete penetration test that determines your organization’s ability to detect and combat a multitude of attacks. Adversary Ops emulates an adversary, first attempting to exploit vulnerabilities discretely, then becoming progressively more overt. This approach tests the detection threshold of the incident response team while demonstrating real-world attacks.

Our red team testing delivers insight into the following attack examples and more:

  • Can an unauthenticated, external attacker leverage vulnerabilities to gain internal access or exfiltrate sensitive data?
  • Can a physical adversary compromise security and gain access to sensitive areas or workstations?
  • Are your employees susceptible to social engineering attacks such as phishing emails or phone calls asking for sensitive information?
  • Are you susceptible to risk from your third-party vendor partnerships?
  • Can an attacker compromise the wireless network from the parking lot?
  • What kind of damage could an internal threat such as a disgruntled employee cause?

Output of the red team cyber exercise

At the conclusion of our engagement, our team will collaborate with your blue team to identify opportunities for improvement for the organization’s detection and response capabilities. Findings from the engagement and opportunities to improve blue team operations will be compiled into a formal report that details the demonstrated threats and vulnerabilities, and provides specific recommendations for countermeasures to eliminate or mitigate risks.

Intruder picking a door lock

Why partner with Coalfire for red team testing?

  • Each test is unique; our approach is tailored to meet business objectives specific to your company and provide strategic recommendations accordingly.
  • We leverage tools built by our R&D team and customize payloads to test the limits of your detection and response capabilities.
  • We are regular presenters and trainers at premier conferences, sharing techniques that power our work with the information security community.
  • Our R&D work has been featured in “The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide to Penetration Testing, Red Team Edition.”
  • Our team holds more than 30 unique certifications, including GXPN, GPEN, GCIH, GWAPT, OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, CEH, GXPN, and CISSP.

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