By centralizing your test and vulnerability data in one place, ThreadFix enables your security team to spend less time manually correlating results and more time addressing security risks and vulnerabilities. And because you can quickly identify risk areas that are most important to your organization, you can reduce the time vulnerabilities live in your applications by up to 40%.

  • Organize, prioritize, and speed up your security processes.
  • Quickly spot vulnerability trends to prioritize security efforts.
  • Streamline workflows among teams to fix vulnerabilities faster.
  • Track vulnerabilities identified by scanners, manual testing, and other assurance activities.
  • Automatically combine and deduplicate results from multiple scanners for easy management.
  • Apply DevOps concepts for continuous vulnerability resolution to reduce mean-time-to-fix.


Escape from spreadsheets and PDF reports

ThreadFix’s patented Hybrid Analysis Mapping (HAM) technology removes the need to manually merge results of static and dynamic testing activities using inefficient tools.


Manage vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution

ThreadFix integrates with more than 40 different application scanners, network scanners, and defect trackers.


Make smarter remediation decisions

Vulnerability trending reports, metrics, analysis, and dashboards help you characterize the true state of vulnerability resolution within your organization.

Connect with industry leading scanners and development trackers

Over 40 different security and development tools and integrations helping you to track vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution.
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