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Go where no static or dynamic testing can – back to the source

The roots of remediation are often found at the source

Whether it’s an issue like hard-coded credentials or flaws surrounding encryption implementation, Coalfire logically breaks down the application in a manner that allows for a thoughtful review of the most security-critical features and functionality, resulting in actionable, development-level remediation strategies for all issues identified.

The sophistication of tools and attack methodologies has exposed information, applications, and developers to an onslaught of risk. Software development is an iterative process that requires independent code reviews be incorporated into the SDLC at critical audit checkpoints.

To ensure a comprehensive review of the code is performed, manual review of code will be augmented by, where applicable, automated static analysis via commercial, custom-built, and open-source tools.

In addition to the review of source code, Coalfire examines the design for weaknesses and flaws, like legacy interoperability or insecure architectural dependencies that may result in a security compromise.

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Why choose Coalfire for your secure code review?

  • Our 100+ AppSec professionals have experience in both software engineering and security consulting, which means we’re able to deliver actionable guidance on all aspects of application security.  
  • We conduct more than 1,000 complex projects each year for clients in the technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, energy, and retail industries.
  • Our team comprises experienced testers of the world’s top cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. 
  • For the past 10 years, we have trained and educated security professionals at Black Hat in the advanced tradecraft we developed. 

Review your application code today and obtain an actionable remediation strategy based on your identified vulnerabilities.

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