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Our tech-reliant world leaves enterprises with no choice but to build and deploy software at the speed of demand. How can security teams scale testing efforts beyond a small percentage of external web apps and cloud services to keep up?

Minimize the attack surface by knowing what it looks like

The ever increasing presence of continuously deployed public assets means your weakest links won’t necessarily be found within your most business-critical apps. Often they’re found in neglected, forgotten, unknown, legacy, or unintentionally public applications and servers.

Gaining and maintaining visibility of your ever-evolving external web footprint is likely a struggle due to a combination of shadow IT, marketing campaigns, or M&A activity.

Threat actors successfully target organizations with large web footprints given the continued presence of outdated, weak, misconfigured, or leaky apps and servers.

Coalfire creates a baseline inventory of your unique web application perimeter, ensuring that changes to the available attack surface are recognized and tracked through subsequent mapping updates – whether monthly, quarterly, or as-needed.

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Why choose Coalfire for your web app perimeter mapping?

  • Our 100+ AppSec professionals have experience in both software engineering and security consulting, which means we’re able to deliver actionable guidance on all aspects of application security.
  • We conduct more than 1,000 complex projects each year for clients in the technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, energy, and retail industries.
  • Our team comprises experienced testers of the world’s top cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.
  • For the past 10 years, we have trained and educated security professionals at Black Hat in the advanced tradecraft we developed.

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