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Achieving FedRAMP authorization has historically required upward of $2 million and more than 2 years of time and energy. Leveraging knowledge gained from providing FedRAMP audit and advisory services to more than 200 cloud service providers, we’ve built comprehensive solutions for every phase of the FedRAMP journey – allowing you to achieve authorization up to 80% faster.

#1 in FedRAMP compliance – for many reasons

The most experience

We’ve provided services to more than 70% of FedRAMP-authorized providers, supported more than 200 advisory clients, and completed more than 100 assessments.

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Unmatched portfolio

Our comprehensive FedRAMP portfolio - which is backed by the industry's most tenured audit and advisory team - spans business case development to ongoing management.

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100% track record

No one is more successful at helping clients achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) - 100% of submitted Coalfire builds received their ATOs.

Get authorized faster, for less

Often, cloud service providers (CSPs) lack the knowledge and resources that FedRAMP demands, from transition planning to environment creation and management. Coalfire provides everything you need to achieve FedRAMP authorization, along with the customization to fit the unique requirements of your business. As the world’s leading assessment agency, we can also provide the assessment services you need.

Due to FedRAMP regulations, we can either provide advise, build, and/or manage services through our FastRAMP 360 solution or our assessment services.


With Coalfire advisory services, you can optimize your FedRAMP strategy through documentation, business case justification, gap assessment, and support. The result is a successful FedRAMP assessment.


With our Accelerated Cloud Engineering (ACE) solution you can deploy a FedRAMP-compliant environment in as little as 60 days and for up to 80% less than historic costs. We can create a secure enclave across AWS, GCP, or Microsoft. And after your environment is built, you own the code.


Our dedicated Cloud Managed Services (CMS) experts act as part of your team, decreasing OpEx while improving your security and risk posture. Unlike other managed services specialists, our knowledge spans FedRAMP, the cloud, and your environment.



As the leading third-party assessment organization (3PAO) for FedRAMP, we assess security controls, conduct vulnerability scans, and perform pen testing to ensure compliance with NIST and FedRAMP controls.



Achieve positive business impacts with FedRAMP compliance

Fastest time to market

Onboard your system in 10 days and become audit-ready in 60. But don’t take our word for it – see how we helped a leading identity security firm do just that.

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Cost optimization

Ensure your FedRAMP readiness from every perspective. Through our value-added content and sales team training, you can maximize your investment in FedRAMP.

  • Coalfire’s expertise and the AWS Cloud were critical.

    "Working with Coalfire and using the AWS GovCloud, we had a FedRAMP-compliant platform and all FedRAMP required documentation in less than six months.


    Coalfire helped us fast-track our path to FedRAMP compliance and save between six and twelve months of work we would have had to do ourselves. Coalfire’s expertise and the AWS Cloud were critical in getting this done."


    Erick Lindley, Chief Security Officer at Innovest

Why Coalfire

  • Engagements with more than 70% of all FedRAMP ATOs
  • More than 200 advisory support clients
  • More than 110 assessments
  • Unparalleled knowledge of agency-specific risk acceptances and reciprocity
  • #1 in ATO on AWS program
  • Partnerships with AWS, Google, and Microsoft
  • Unrivaled insights on IaaS roadmaps and controls
  • More IaaS funding than any other vendor
  • Experience with 37 federal agencies
  • Six weeks from project kickoff to audit-ready
  • Full-service support (advisory, build, management, continuous monitoring)
  • Value-added services (white papers, sales team training)
  • Dynamic stack customizable to your technology standards
  • More than 40% savings on internal engineering costs
  • FedRAMP-aligned platform that's owned by your organization
  • 100% of submitted Coalfire builds received their ATOs
  • More than 100 successful ATOs, when assessed by Coalfire

FedRAMP services

Frequently asked questions

What is FedRAMP authorization?

FedRAMP authorization allows Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to sell their products and/or services directly to Federal agencies.

How much does FedRAMP authorization cost?

According to industry experts, the average FedRAMP investment is more than $2M and 18+ months. Fortunately, Coalfire has a portfolio of FedRAMP options that can significantly reduce those thresholds.

What is my FedRAMP return on investment (ROI)?

While every CSP is different, we have seen clients achieve anywhere from 3X to 10X or more of their initial investment in a FedRAMP-built environment.

Can Coalfire help me get an agency sponsor?

Our recommendation is to hire experienced federal sales resources who can help you understand how to: build a pipeline of potential agency customers, establish a solid relationship with the FedRAMP PMO, and understand your competition and differentiators in the FedRAMP marketplace. These steps are critical to finding an agency sponsor.

Should I pursue the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or Agency authorization path?

It depends. While the Agency authorization path is the most common (and fastest), Coalfire recommends the JAB approach if you have 10+ agencies interested in your product or service.

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