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Traditional methods to combat security risks lag in the face of emerging vulnerabilities and evolving threats. You need defensive monitoring and mitigation to proactively optimize the security posture of your internal IT assets and the perimeter, so that threats can be immediately limited.

Assess, plan, strengthen, and maintain your security posture

The benefits of defensive diagnostics are great, yet implementing a successful strategy is a complex undertaking. As a complement to our vulnerability assessment services, our defensive diagnostic program looks at the other elements of a successful defense in depth security program. The architecture and configuration of encryption, authentication, and boundary protection mechanisms is just as important as making sure there are no vulnerabilities in the hardware and software.

Coalfire’s defensive diagnostics and nitigation services can help you assess, plan, strengthen, and maintain your security posture down to the endpoint. This includes utilizing the security features already available in most common operating systems and other devices. Proper configuration and deployment of security devices and mechanisms is important to maximize the investment in them.

Our services include:

  • Baseline capabilities assessment – Gain valuable insight into your organization’s current maturity levels and information security capabilities across people, processes, and technologies currently in place when compared to industry best practices.

  • Encryption enhancements – Either in transit or at rest, encryption is a valuable mechanism in helping to protect the confidentiality of data. However, it can provide a false sense of security if misconfigured, for example, without proper key management and use of the industry leading methodologies.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Deploy and/or reconfigure current authentication mechanisms to support least privilege, segregation of duties, multi-factor authentication, and single sign on to support both a healthy security posture, and the business needs of your organization.

  • Configuration baseline deployment – Many times security features are not enabled by default. Apply security related configuration settings to your IT assets to ensure they are protected from security threats, both internal and external. This includes endpoints themselves, the services that support them, and the software that resides on them.

  • Architecture notification and remediation – Support maturity growth with architectural security improvements that create and integrate security subsystems to support scalable modeling and planning.

  • Requirements engineering – Identify technical requirements for business and mission objectives that impact the development, implementation, and integration of your security solution.

Why choose Coalfire for your defensive diagnostics and mitigation partner?

Coalfire is pure-play, vendor-neutral cybersecurity professional services firm. We’ve served as a trusted advisor to executives, legal counsel, compliance managers, and security practitioners across numerous industries since our founding in 2001. Each project is led by a credentialed, industry-savvy senior director and supported by consultants armed with the methodologies, insights and know-how they’ve accumulated through service to more than 1,400 clients annually.

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