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Coalfire’s Secure CI/CD methodology helps organizations strategically evaluate, develop, and mature their secure software development program within DevOps models.

How to successfully incorporate security into your DevOps program

Businesses and development teams are rushing to embrace DevOps so they can be more agile and deploy code more quickly, but this shift can disrupt internal processes as well as organizational culture. While this advancement can be a great competitive differentiator, it also introduces a host of new security challenges and threat vectors into the development process and the organization.

Where security has typically been an afterthought in the DevOps process, organizations are now coming to the realization that security is a critical and foundational component of application quality that needs to be considered and addressed earlier in the development lifecycle. With the right planning, you can help your company go from DevOps to DevSecOps, enabling security teams to exert influence and improve the security of applications within current CI/CD pipelines.

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Coalfire’s Secure CI/CD methodology

The successful integration of security into the DevOps process is often a complex and transformational shift for many organizations. Because of this, our holistic approach to maturity evaluates the three key areas of people, processes, and technology to develop and implement successful and holistic programs. We help organizations understand their current state, define their vision state, develop a strategy aligned to business needs, and ultimately deliver an actionable roadmap to a mature and successful DevSecOps program.

We begin by evaluating the current state of the organization’s DevOps or DevSecOps program, including strategy, culture, organizational structure, how CI/CD processes are implemented, and the technologies used. From there, we identify risks and areas of improvement, and make actionable recommendations to improve the maturity. We offer the optional ability to benchmark your organization against frameworks such as Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM).

The three phases of the Secure CI/CD methodology include:

  • Workshop & discovery: Evaluation of the current state of your DevOps or software development lifecycle program, including strategy, culture, organizational structure, how CI/CD processes are implemented, and the technologies used, including the cloud infrastructure where your CI/CD pipeline resides, whether that be Azure, AWS, GCP, or a combination. 
  • Analysis & reporting: Analysis of findings and evaluation of secure software development processes against Coalfire’s Secure CI/CD framework and best practices to determine gaps and opportunities for improvement between current state and target maturity future state.
  • Vision & roadmap: Development and delivery of a detailed report with findings and actionable recommendations for maturing the program, including key considerations for people, processes, and technology.

Why choose Coalfire?

Coalfire is a full-lifecycle cybersecurity service provider, with risk and compliance baked into our DNA. Our holistic approach to Secure CI/CD takes into consideration each individual organization's people, processes, and technologies, rather than forcing a dogmatic approach to solutioning. Our team comprises individuals who have spent years designing, building, and operating unique DevSecOps programs across organizations of all industries and sizes.

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