Security in the GAP - Being Cyber Secure without a CISO


Presented by: Coalfire

Security in the GAP - Being Cyber Secure without a CISO

Webinar Overview:  Every company must be secure; yet, not all have the funds to hire a CISO or expertise to build a top-tier cybersecurity program. In today’s environment, some regulatory frameworks or even customers will require a credible individual be ultimately responsible for the organizational cybersecurity program.

How can these companies address this critical gap? While assigning a lower-level technical staff member to the top security post may appear to be a solution, it can do more harm than good if they don’t know how to assist you in building a business-enabling cybersecurity program.

In this webinar, Coalfire’s cybersecurity and IT experts will offer their real-world experience in facing and overcoming today’s challenges with finding qualified leaders to build and own the enterprise security program. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Understanding the role of the modern CISO
  • Building the program in the absence of a full-time expert
  • Satisfying regulatory and customer requirements around security
  • Identifying the ROI for having a security program even if you don’t have budget for a CISO

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