An Evolutionary Plan for Securing IoT Initiatives at all Maturity Phases


Presented by Coalfire

An Evolutionary Plan for Securing IoT Initiatives at all Maturity Phases

IoT is a hybrid technology that combines multiple capabilities and spans traditional IT and OT environments. It poses new challenges, opportunities and threats as a core building block for digital business transformation. According to Gartner, the cross-industry level of IoT program maturity is currently low with initiatives moving into early mainstream adoption.

When securing these initiatives, each phase of IoT-program maturity has a predictable degree of risk based on common characteristics such as processing power and data access. And as organizations develop and integrate their IoT initiatives with enterprise networks, there are far more security implications.

A holistic approach that involves devices, network communication, data, and application layers is required to secure IoT initiatives. Part of this process is to develop a plan to address the minimum security controls, policies, and procedures at each level of IoT-program maturity.

Organizations that can evolve the maturity of their IoT initiatives, and secure data and devices at each phase, can pursue transformational change in products, services, operations and customer engagement.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Today’s IoT landscape - devices, communications, data, and industry applications.
  • The latest news on cybersecurity regulations that affect the Internet of Things.
  • A maturity model as a framework for long-term planning of IoT initiatives.
  • How and why greater maturity elevates risk and security issues.
  • An evolutionary plan to securing your IoT initiatives at every maturity level.

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