Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports: What are they

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By: Jeff Cook | Principal, Commercial - ISO, SOC

Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports: What are they

Service Organization Control (SOC) reports are on the rise in the IT assurance and compliance world. Even more specifically, the SOC 2 report is being used as a premier IT audit report that is paired with other IT compliance standards to create a “do once, use many” approach for service organizations and auditors.

With this rapid growth in demand for SOC reports, it is crucial for businesses to understand what the reports are and how an audit works, so they can better plan for and navigate an audit to achieve a successful result. In this white paper, we answer the following questions to help you improve SOC understanding:

  1. What are SOC reports? Which SOC report will best serve your organization: SOC 1 or SOC 2?
  2. What is involved in a SOC audit?
  3. How does the SOC audit relate to and enhance other IT assessments?

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