Medical Devices: Security Challenges for HDOs and Manufacturers

white paper

by: Rich Curtiss | Director, Coalfire

Medical Devices: Security Challenges for HDOs and Manufacturers

This paper aims to help organizations understand the issue of security in the context of medical devices. Medical devices have not historically been included in HIPAA compliance regulations or healthcare security and risk programs, yet their capabilities make them prime targets for exploitation. Increased connectivity of medical devices has exposed them to cyber attacks from which they not were designed to prevent. At stake are both patient safety and privacy plus healthcare delivery organizations’ (HDOs) network security.

One objective for this paper is to get this issue on the radar of HDOs. We’ll also review the benefits of ‘security by design’ and the concept of embedding security into devices for medical device manufacturers as they seek market differentiation, rapid go-to-market capabilities, and security throughout the product life cycle.

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