What threats are your weakest links for the Financial Services industry?


Presented by Coalfire

What threats are your weakest links for the Financial Services industry?

This will discuss the aggregate and anonymized findings of penetration testing engagements conducted by Coalfire Labs for External Network, Internal Network and Application penetration tests and social engineering.

Coalfire Labs and Coalfire’s cyber risk advisor will spend time discussing the penetration testing methodology, analysis and recommendations for mitigating the commonly found vulnerabilities in financial services organizations.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • Penetration testing methodology for black-, grey- and white-box testing of external network, internal network, application testing and social engineering engagements
  • What sized of business is in the “sweet spot” for security posture, and why (and why the other business sizes are not)
  • The commonly found vulnerabilities by industry discussing the low-, medium- and high-risk findings
  • Why internal network security posture is the greatest area to focus on to further reduce risk
  • Areas to focus on to reduce exposure to these commonly found vulnerabilities to improve security posture based on the findings in the report

About the Speakers:

Ravi Raghavan is Senior Managing Director responsible for Risk Management and Cyber Risk Advisory focused on advising the board, C-Suite and information risk executives on risk management, cybersecurity strategy, governance, overall technology management and compliance. Ravi has over 25 years of leadership experience in the broader IT space and expertise in risk management, cybersecurity and working under strict and changing global regulatory environments in industries such as Financial services, Retail operations, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Mike Weber, Vice President, Coalfire Labs, oversees operations, including penetration testing, application security assessments and compliance validation, digital forensics services and incident response services. He has more than 18 years of experience in senior security positions in various technical fields, including enterprise security planning and policy development, network engineering, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment, penetration testing, system administration and programming.

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