Third Party Risk Management: Research and Best Practices


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Third Party Risk Management: Research and Best Practices

89% of corporate directors’ report that they discuss cybersecurity on a regular basis, and 50% of them report that they have reviewed and assessed risks associated with third-party vendors within the past 12 months. This isn’t particularly surprising, since one insurer reports that that data breaches due to third parties could account for 30% of all breaches.

And yet, cybersecurity leaders and risk managers across all industries face major Third-party Risk Management (TPRM) challenges, including:

  • An exploding number of vendors and cloud-based services,
  • Inadequate budget and staff to vet them all
  • The looming threat of new or more rigorous regulatory or compliance requirements.

Here’s the good news: your board is now hungry for information and they want to help. This is your chance to get the resources and support you need.

To help you prepare, view this on-demand presentation from Coalfire’s Cyber Risk Advisory practice. Ravi Raghavan, a financial services industry CIO and now a Senior Practice Director at Coalfire, will provide:

  • A summary of research you can use to make your case
  • A case study of a Coalfire client that assessed and upgrade its TPRM program
  • A roadmap for assessing your own TPRM program and upgrading it to better control cyber risk. 


Chris Lietz, Principal, Cyber Risk Advisory, Coalfire


Ravi Raghavan, Sr. Director, Cyber Risk Advisory, Coalfire

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