PCI on Amazon Web Services


What You Need to Know

PCI on Amazon Web Services

Secure commerce is a necessity for all organizations from startups to global enterprises. Transactions for exchange of goods or services, or organizations that develop applications to facilitate those transactions, must meet requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

This free 45-minute archived webinar is for organizations that host, leverage services, or want to migrate some or all of a cardholder data environment (CDE) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The presentation will cover what you need to know about preparing to meet PCI DSS requirements for architecting, migrating, or deploying workloads on AWS.


  • Tim Sandage, AWS Senior Security Partner Strategist
  • Kevin Tam, Managing Director Service Providers
  • Dan Stocker, Practice Director Service Providers 

They will discuss what organizations can do to use AWS configurations and architectures to simplify their compliance processes, and highlight some best practices such as how to evaluate your cardholder data environment with a goal of minimizing scope and lessons learned from advising and assessing organizations that leverage AWS.

This webinar will cover:

  • PCI certified AWS services and how you can leverage them
  • Shared responsibility matrix and (PCI specific) controls inheritance
  • CDE design / optimization considerations to reduce scope
  • Use cases (Best practices based on client success stories)

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