Insights on the FedRAMP process and the FedRAMP Marketplace


Presented by Coalfire

Insights on the FedRAMP process and the FedRAMP Marketplace

FedRAMP, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Since it’s inception five years ago, there have been 78 authorizations granted from 56 providers with an additional 60+ cloud products listed as in-process. The move to the cloud for the government and the cloud service providers meeting federal security requirements was not without some challenges.

Coalfire is reporting the first FedRAMP marketplace analysis in our Securealities report- Securing Your Cloud Solutions - through examining data posted within the FedRAMP Marketplace, reviewing an extensive history of advisory and assessment projects, and issuing an industry survey to gain insights into what cloud services providers do well, challenges they experience and resource planning for the process.

Join Coalfire’s Dr. David McClure, Chief Strategist, Michael Carter, VP FedRAMP & Assessment Services and Abel Sussman Director, Cyber Risk Advisory as they discuss components of the FedRAMP Marketplace Report and related topics, such as:

  • Thoughts on the new administration’s plan on IT modernization and what it means for FedRAMP

  • Current state of in-process and approved cloud-based solutions in FedRAMP

  • Cloud service provider successes and pitfalls in the authorization process

    • Specific key controls that service providers have difficulty in meeting

  • The mix of Enterprise and SMB cloud providers in the process

  • Resource allocation CSPs will need to consider in pursuing FedRAMP

  • Steps for planning for an efficient FedRAMP process

  • Agency adoption trends


Dave McClure, Chief Strategist

Dave works closely with federal and state agencies to implement cloud strategies and technologies to secure and modernize IT, enhance business performance, and achieve high performance results.

Michael Carter, VP FedRAMP & Assessment Services

Michael is responsible for leading FedRAMP assessment engagements including the first FedRAMP JAB-approved and Agency approved cloud service providers.

Abel Sussman, Director, Advisory Services

Abel Sussman has been leading federal consulting and assessment projects for 18 years and has presented on information security and cloud computing for the FBI, DHS DoD and various cloud service provider organizations.

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