How to Update your Board of Directors on Cyber Risk


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How to Update your Board of Directors on Cyber Risk

In a 2015 NYSE Governance Survey, more than 80% of public company board members reported that cybersecurity is discussed at most or all board meetings.  And yet, those discussions are not always comfortable -- a surprising 66% of them are not fully confident their companies are properly protected against cyberattacks.

Given all of this uncertainty, Board members are increasingly asking for briefings, progress reports and recommendations from the CISO.  But for many CISOs, that is a daunting effort.

View this recorded webinar to learn about best practices culled from dozens of successful board briefings on cyber risk.  Topics will include:

  • The most commonly asked questions from board members
  • Tips for translating technical concepts into the language spoken by the board
  • Ideas for how the CISO and Internal Audit can work together to ensure accountability and good governance

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